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Green Tea

Our Tradition

Diet Conscious ~~ Each dish on our extensive menu is prepared with vegetable oil, unsaturated fat. (Unsaturated fats, tend to improve blood cholesterol levels, decreasing the ratio of 'bad' LDL cholesterol to 'good' HDL cholesterol.) You can have your choice of brown rice or white rice on any main entree. ~~ We continue to provide the health options with our menu under “Fussy Outside Eaters Lite and Healthy”. Additionally, we continue to offer delivery services available from opening to late night.

We take pride and honor on each dish that we serve. The sauce is the magic ingredient, which blends the meat with fresh vegetables to create unique and delicious dishes. Each entree is prepared to order. The spicy entrees are prepared and can be altered to the degree of your taste. Bring the great taste of excellent Chinese food to your home or office with our carryout or delivery service.